SSLogoGreenWEBStudents at the University of Sheffield have always participated actively in international development volunteering, fundraising and outreach work through their courses, student societies and as volunteers. SIDshare was created to build on and formalise these activities by promoting and consolidating our engagement and partnership with international development organisations both within the local region and overseas.

We aim to:
Provide students with practical experience of the skills needed, and challenges encountered in the International Development workplace and beyond.
Do this through engagement and partnership with stakeholders involving different strands of student led activity.
Enhance students’ employability through internships , organised volunteering, international development projects, seminars, events and training workshops.
Promote a socially just understanding of international development and introduce students to the complexities of international development as experienced on the ground.


This page is used to publish blogs of students who are involved with SIDshare and want to share their thoughts, experiences and life-lessons learned during their work in the field of international development.

sidsharetwitterIf you want to know more about SIDshare please check out our website

You can also send us an email: or follow our activity on social media



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