GLOSS Research Associate

Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) offers funded opportunities for Faculty of Social Sciences undergraduate students to work as a GLOSS Research Associate during part of the summer vacation. Undergraduate students from any of the Faculty’s departments and who are not in their first or final years of study are eligible to apply.

Students work in partnership with an academic member of staff whose research interests align with theirs to produce an inspired piece of international research.


Funded Projects 2016:

  • Jack Baker (Architecture) and Fionn Stevenson (Architecture): “Evaluating the usability of university campus buildings: a case study in Mexico”

  • Jiayue Jiang (Landscape) and Clare Rishbeth (Landscape): “Flexible uses of public space: movable seating in diverse cultural contexts”

  • Yande Chilufya (School of Law) and Seth Schindler (Geography): “Peer To Peer Mobile Application Technology in Nairobi, Kenya: Improving Informal-Sector Livelihoods and or Disciplining Workers?”

  • Wilkister Ludenyi (Politics & Economics) and David Littlewood (SUMS): “The Role of Innovation Hubs in Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Kenya”

  • Roberta Alidori (Sociological Studies) and Afua Twum-Danso Imoh (Sociological Studies): “Global vs. Local: Exploring the Impact of Global Child Labour Policies on Children’s Lived Experiences in Ghana”

  • Guy Tallentire (Geography) and Darrel Swift (Geography): “A UAV and in-situ water quality study of the influence of overdeepenings on glacier hydrology and basal glacial sediment transport and evacuation: Zermatt, Switzerland.”