G20 Summit 2015

November 2015.

A group of 7 students from across the Faculty of Social Sciences, have just returned from 2 intense days of policy analysis at the G20 in Antalya, Turkey.

Dr Garrett Brown and students Laura Copete (Undergraduate, Politics), Amna Kaleem (Postgraduate, Politics), Gregory Stiles (Postgraduate, Politics) , Joanna Moody (Undergraduate, Geography), Megan Wilson (Postgraduate, Geography), Olivia Wills (Postgraduate, Economics) and Polly Sculpher (Postgraduate, Politics), joined journalists and international delegates analysing policy debates from the G20 International media centre.

Students had the opportunity to attend press conferences given by G20 leaders, and were lucky enough to be seated on the third row of President Obama’s high profile Press conference.

G20 team pictured at the podium Obama delivered his Press Conference from.
Left to Right: Dr Garrett Brown; Megan Wilson; Olivia Wills; Gregory Stiles; Laura Copete; Polly Sculpher; Joanna Moody.

Students were also able to interview (as well as be interviewed) by other media and summit participants, review the latest policy documents as they are released, give press conferences to the world’s media, and contribute reports, blogs and tweets.

The policy work produced by the students during their time at the G20 includes a number of real time blogs, influenced by their experiences at the trip; as well as a number of policy briefs. These outputs have been published and shared by the Global Policy Journal and can be viewed online now.


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