Creative Commons

A GLI team of eight students from across the Faculty of Social Sciences attended the Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto. Joined by Professor Stephen Pinfield (Information School) and Dr Julia Davies (School of Education), the team comprised Nathan Allaby (Management, Undergraduate), Julie Baldwin (Information School, Postgraduate), Leila Eddakille (Geography, Undergraduate), Kirsty Franks (Information School, Postgraduate), Laura-Grace Holliday (Journalism Studies, Postgraduate), Amy Lees (Economics, Undergraduate), Stefanie Lo (Law, Undergraduate) and Jessica Rees (Architecture, Postgraduate).

Creative Commons Team 2017

Creative Commons is an organisation and a movement which describes its own roles as one which, “helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world”. It aims to “unlock the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity”.

Best known for its content licences, Creative Commons is in fact a global movement which encourages open sharing and creativity in commercial, educational, public and cultural settings. Its Global Summit is a forum to discuss key developments in these areas.

Students attending the Summit worked as policy analysts, taking an active part in meetings, writing policy briefs and blogs, and carrying out interviews, selected examples of which appear on the Global Policy Journal website.

The blogs and policy briefs produced by the team for Global Policy Journal can be viewed here. (Scroll to Creative Commons Global Summit).