ASF-UK Training Workshop

A training workshop on Disasters and Disasters Risk Reduction was held at the University of Sheffield on June 8th . The workshop is part of an on-going collaboration between GLOSS and design not-for-profit Architecture Sans Fontieres International (ASF-Int) . The aim of the collaboration is to produce policy recommendations that can inform the work of the ASF-Int in post-earthquake Nepal . asfpage

During the workshop , the selected students were exposed to key principles in Disadter Tisk Reduction and Disaster Management. Through scenario-building activities and role-play exercises conducted in small groups, they used the case of L´Aquila earthquake in Italy to address questions of community resilience , and to explore existing frameworks, methodologies , and tolos to facilitate community-managed disaster risk reduction and recovery .

This led to reflection on existing challenges to ethical , community-led decisión-making processes and reconstruction activities in a post-disaster setting , and to the discussion of policy frameworks that might address these challenges . Following the workshop , participants worked in teams to produce a set of policy briefs that can inform the work of ASF-Int and other built environment organisations as the approach the reconstruction process in post-earthquake Nepal .


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