Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs

The following policy briefs originally featured in the Global Policy Journal

A Chinese Leadership Role in the Age of Trump – George Ashley

A Trump-Putin Bromance at the G20 Will Become the New Sykes-Picot Agreement – Stiles

Asia in the G20 – From Missed to Emerging Opportunity – Dobson

Eyes Wide Shut – The G20 and Open Data – Branford-White

Priority for All or Security for Some – The G20 and Global Health – Poust

The Commitment of the G20 to International Tax Cooperation – Lazarevic

Feeding the G20’s Ego, Food Security and Negligence at the Hamburg Summit – Edwards

Migration at the G20 – Thinking Ahead Without Acting in the Now – Greco

Outsiders at the G20 Table – How Ivanka Trump and the W20 Are Shaping the Future of Women – Nazari

Trading Away Our Future – Economic Nationalism at the G20 Hamburg Summit – Richardson


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