Policy Briefs 2017

The following Policy Briefs were first published by the Global Policy Journal.

Grace Holliday: Cultivating Safe Online Communities and Comment Sections which Protect Contributors and Users from Harassment and Hostility

Amy Lees: Open Business Models, the Future of Innovation, and the Need for Education

Leila Eddakille: The Creative Commons and local communities: Challenges and opportunities for community projects within the Creative Commons global strategy

Stefanie Lo: Copyright Law and the Creative Commons – Friends or Foes?

Nathan Allaby: Universities ‘Repatriating’ Publishing: A Critical Review of Radical Open-Access Proposals

Julie Baldwin: The Future of Open Access Policy: Incrementalism v. Disruption

Jessica Rees:  From Licence Provider to Community Builder: The Strategic Shift of the Creative Commons

Kirsty Franks:  Combating the Culture of Privilege: Ways in Which the Creative Commons, Open Access and Open Educational Resources are Enabling Social Impact in the GLAM Sector


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