SIDshare ‘Run For Restless’ at the Student Colour Run

Emily Rowley

This year, one of SIDshare’s partners, Restless Development, is organising a number of sponsored challenge events, where people sign up to  ‘Run for Restless’.  Individuals and groups are ‘Running for Restless’ at race events all over the country – ranging from 5km obstacle runs, to full marathons! Restless Development is an organisation which works to give young people in some of the poorest countries an education to help bring their ideas to the decision-making table.

Last year I became involved with this organisation when I helped to organise a team of students to take part in ‘Live Below the Line’ where we raised money for Restless Development, by being sponsored to live on just £5 for 5 days. I hugely enjoyed this experience and became passionate about Restless Development’s work and the difference it makes to young people’s lives around the world. As a young person with many opportunities to express my ideas, I truly believe it is vital that everybody has the right to an education and is encouraged to fulfil their potential.

When Restless got in touch with me in February about their ‘Run for Restless’ campaign this year, I knew that the SIDshare committee could create another team and organise an event for the team to run at, to raise a substantial amount of money for this organisation once again. It was decided that we’d fundraise for Restless at the Student Colour Run. This was a unique fun-run held on 30th April and I thought this would be the perfect event to fundraise for the youth-led organisation; the Colour Run was specifically aimed at students, appropriately engaging people of the same age as those who are helped through Restless’ work.

It was a really great day! The sun shined brightly as we warmed-up for the race and got covered in coloured powder. Despite the rain during the run, the amazing atmosphere from all of the other students taking part kept us going throughout. The effects of the day still lingered on after the event – probably due to the fact it took 3 showers to get the colour completely washed off(!!)

The SIDshare team that had been created consisted of 13 students running and raising money for the worthy cause. In total the team raised £592 which I know will mean a lot for Restless. £592 can pay for 10 rural community leaders, health workers, police or teachers to provide youth-friendly services in their communities, as well as paying for 9 young people to undertake essential health education on a weekly basis for a whole year.  Having worked with Restless Development at two events, it’s amazing to know these teams have raised thousands of pounds for one of SIDshare’s long-standing partners.

Here’s just some of the photos of the SIDshare team showing us having a lot of fun at the run:






About Emily:

Emily is a final-year BA Geography student and currently the SIDshare Marketing Officer. She is interested in working in a career in marketing and fundraising within the charity sector.



2 responses to “SIDshare ‘Run For Restless’ at the Student Colour Run

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  2. Pingback: I ran for Restless and had so much fun – We Are Restless·

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