The G20 Leadership Disconnect


The students selected to attend the G20 earlier in the month have produced another collective blog for the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Science research blog. This blog post questions the purported ‘leadership’ role of the G20 and can be viewed here.

Excerpt from the blog:

Yet, when holding the G20 to account against their own principles, one particularly striking failure of G20 leadership in Antalya related to its own commitment to ‘ensure growth is robust and inclusive’ and which includes a ‘strong engagement with all stakeholders.’ As buzzwords go, ‘inclusiveness’ is a popular choice in politics and governance. And for this year’s G20 agenda, it was specifically attached to the agenda with the stated aim to complete a perfect alliterative set of priorities — ‘implementation, investment, and inclusiveness’. However, as is the case with buzzwords, they often remain hollow promises and the same can be said for the ‘inclusivity agenda’ at the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Blog content produced by Garrett Wallace Brown, Laura Copete, Amna Kaleem, Joanna Moody, Polly Sculpher, Gregory Stiles, Olivia Wills and Megan Wilson. Global Leadership Initiative, University of Sheffield.


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