The G20 Experience

The students selected to attend the G20 earlier in the month have produced a reflective blog post together, accounting for their once in a lifetime experience at the G20 Summit, Antalya. The blog has been published on the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Science webpage and can be viewed here.


Excerpt from the blog:

The Global Leadership Initiative scheme, being run by Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS), is an excellent initiative. The scheme enables students to experience decision-making at the highest levels of governance, something, which cannot be taught in a classroom. The experience we gained at the Summit is invaluable and will benefit us in our future ventures. The scheme not only aids learning, it helps students get a taste of practical working conditions and gives them an idea about the career path they would like to pursue. Moreover, it is not just field experience; the programme also requires students to write blogs and policy analysis in collaboration with leading academics. This not only equips the students with the skills to analyse policy but also makes a worthy addition to their CVs. By offering students the best fieldwork opportunities available, the GLI scheme is setting the University of Sheffield apart from other institutions of higher learning.

View story at


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