G20 Policy Analyst Profile: Gregory Stiles

The range of experiences that each member of the group gained were phenomenal.

Greg profile photo

Gregory pictured satnding at the podium from which President Obama delivered his G20 summit press conference.


The intention of the Summit trip was to provide students with the potential to engage with and gain experience not only of an international summit but the media and policy making that surrounds such an event on the ground. This trip achieved that, and far more. The range of experiences that each member of the group gained were phenomenal. Personally the ability to witness in person the President of the United States give what I can only describe as one of the most amazing off the cuff speeches I have ever seen is something that will stay with me forever.

The ability to analyse the policy that was coming out of the summit, prior even to communiqués being released, and writing that analysis in real time was a unique level of experience which goes beyond anything any future employ can expect from a graduate. In addition being able to access press conferences with those working on the actual policy proposals, such as the European Commission President’s Sherpa Richard Scostak, who provided in depth insight into the backroom negotiations that were taking place between the leaders and their representatives at the Summit.

I was also asked to do a live interview with TRT World News on the impact that the attacks in Paris had had on the Summit agenda and following this I was asked back for a second live interview to reflect on the messages coming out at the close of the summit. Due to this I have made invaluable contacts in the media both for myself and for the University of Sheffield and TRT World News have requested further interviews in the future.

(Watch these TRT World News interviews via the clips below)

Gregory Stiles is a MA in European Law, Governance & Politics in the Department of Politics at Sheffield University.


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