G20 Policy Analyst profile: Polly Sculpher

I had an amazing time at the G20, it was the best thing I’ve done throughout my 4 year Sheffield University experience

Polly G20

Polly pictured standing at the podium from which President Obama delivered his G20 press conference.


My favourite thing about the experience was attending the press conferences of prominent politicians. The stand out was of course the press conference of Barack Obama, a once in a lifetime experience. Our team sat three rows from Obama, listened to his speech and all the questions from the media. We were fully immersed in the experience of the G20. I was also lucky enough to attend the press conference of Ban Ki Moon, also an experience I will never forget.

We were based at the centre of the media centre, allowing many of our team members to be interviewed on their specialised knowledge. It was brilliant to be in the middle of such an exciting environment and gave an inside experience of the journalistic process. The buzz of the media centre is something I will never forget.

Writing the policy piece was a challenging process but was extremely rewarding. Having a published piece of writing is something I am hugely proud of and it looks excellent on my CV. We were truly members of the team, editing, contributing and supporting each other’s work.

I think the GLI scheme is something that the university should be very proud of. It puts students in the centre of the global political process, allowing them to see first hand the workings of world leaders.

The experience has contributed significantly to my future career plans, allowing me to understand what work I enjoy doing and my specific interests. There were not that many students at the event, especially not producing the quality of work that our students did. I have never enjoyed staying up late working on an essay more than I did that week.

I applied for the scheme because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to expand my political experience. I did and still do want a career in international politics and the GLI gave me a good insight into what a career in politics could entail.

I hope more students get this opportunity; it proves the quality of the students and the university.

Polly Sculpher is an MA International Political Economy student in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield.


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