G20 Policy Analyst profile: Olivia Wills

[It was] an experience I will never forget.

Olivia podium

Olivia pictured standing at the podium from which President Obama delivered his G20 press conference.


Our team was based at the core of the action in the G20 media centre, alongside all the international press. The atmosphere was electric as the media speculated and reacted to negotiations as they developed just a few metres away. We were able to attend the press conferences of world leaders, and had access to draft communiques and statements, as well as direct contact with relevant stakeholders. Being located in the G20 zone, we were fully immersed in the extravagant-yet-disorganised culture of the event, which in itself gave a clear commentary on the significance of the summit for the host country.

The GLI scheme has given me a much clearer focus for my career.

It was an opportunity to see theories put into practice in a very real, dynamic setting. I developed my skills in writing and peer reviewing, and have much greater understanding of the role and limits of international institutions. It was enormous fun working with a fiercely engaged and energetic team, and an experience I will never forget.

Olivia Wills is an MSc Economics and Health Economics student in the department of Economics at the University of Sheffield.


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