G20 Policy Analyst Profile: Megan Wilson

Global Policy Analyst: Megan Wilson

megan wilson

Megan Wilson pictured outside the International Media Centre at the G20 Summit.

“Over the course of the summit the team was based in the buzzing hub of the 24/7 media centre at Hotel Kaya. We would start the day relatively early, attending press conferences and keeping social media updated with any interesting revelations. As we were an academic journal, other press would regularly approach us for interviews or statements on our insights on particular items on the summit agenda – That was very fun.  AFP news and a French news channel interviewed me, primarily on climate change discussions, as that was my specialty. I also helped put together a statement on terrorism and the economy for TRT (Turkeys national broadcaster) with other members of the team.”

“Overall the amount of interactive engagement we had at the summit was impressive. The media were given access to many delegates and the ability to freely ask questions in most press conferences so we gained access to a lot of information before the final communiqué was actually released.”

“With regards to the GLI scheme, I am incredibly glad I found out about it before the application deadline. I had a growing interest in policy and current affairs and wanted to find out what it would be like to work in these areas. It was a phenomenal opportunity and although I worked my socks off I would happily do it again and again. Not only has it given me a whole new set of writing and interpersonal skills, the experience has also given me more direction for after I graduate. “

Megan is a MSc Environmental Change and International Development student  in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield.


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