ILO’s stance on the issues surrounding the Arab World


The Arab States were highlighted in the Technical Cooperation Segment in ILO’s 323 rd Governing Body meeting. As noted by Director General Guy Ryder, the issues surrounding the Arab States are very complex. Since 2011, the economy in the Arab region has further deteriorated, there is a high level of political instability and social unrest, high rate of youth unemployment, gender inequality, and underdevelopment and lack of infrastructure is felt across the region. Mr K. Mattar, on behalf of the Arab region, expressed that there are many factors to be taken into account when it comes to the Arab region. Firstly, the region is diverse, and it is comprised of countries with different levels of development. He further highlighted that many of the Arab countries are in crisis or are in a state of post-crisis. He stressed that ILO must provide assistance by responding to the crisis and must urgently provide more technical cooperation. The Director General acknowledged the growing needs of the Arab region and agreed that the growing uncertainty has affected employment. In response to the situation, the Governing Body has requested the Office to expand its development cooperation programme in the Arab region, strengthen the regional capacity

and develop a regional resource mobilisation strategy with accordance to the ILO’s Development Cooperation Strategy 2015-2017.

Fatin Liyana Abdul Rahim


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