What is SIDshare all about?

We realise here at SIDshare we haven’t had a chance to post articles as frequently as we would like to. We are currently in the process of rebranding (hence the slight name change) and so we’ve been a little tied up with our marketing and redesign. We’ll soon be wearing slightly different colours and be boasting a fancy new logo.

In the meantime SIDShare is back in the blogging world for good and as a reminder this is what we’re about:

SIDshare is a student-run social enterprise that operates as a NGO, with the intention to promote the involvement of students from all degree disciplines and levels of study to work in the field of International Development. SIDshare offers students the opportunity to gain both practical experience and insight in the field of International Development through different activities such as conferences, training events, outreach work, formal volunteering roles and international development projects with our 40+ partner organisations locally and internationally. Here at SIDshare we work closely with our partners and offer support in a number of ways, namely by providing research, advocacy or fundraising assistance.

SIDshare as a social enterprise values learning above and beyond degrees, broadening horizons and developing individual sid6strengths and transferable skills. Ultimately, SIDshare provides a platform of communication and knowledge exchange between students and professional partners. Get involved and follow our blog for more insight into working within the world of International Development.

Final note, be sure to keep updated with all of SIDShare’s upcoming events and opportunities on our Facebook and Twitter pages below:




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