Maternal & Child Health in Nepal

Sarita Panday -I received a bursary from the Department of Geography for five weeks of internship placement at Green Tara Nepal (GTN). sid7I feel that these five weeks (March-April 2013) have been very rewarding in many ways. I got the opportunity to present a paper during First Health Promotion Conference in Nepal. I had a chance to meet with some maternal health experts. These experts are potential candidates for my PhD interviews which are going to be held soon. I visited rural communities of Kathmandu where I could observe and differentiate the impact of maternal health interventions implemented by GTN. I could notice the changes in two villages, which were located next to each other. This helped me to reflect on unequal reduction of maternal mortality in different settings of Nepal.

I assisted in developing a health promotion curriculum which is very useful isid8n the field of basic health promotion. I also prepared a report combining staff views and my practical experience, which can act as a reference document for GTN while planning health interventions. I would strongly encourage and recommend continuing and expanding such internship bursaries. This bursary not only ensures that students get practical exposure within their areas of interest, but also helps in international collaboration and development opportunities.


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