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Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) aims to provide students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level with an innovative range of international learning opportunities that contribute to the Faculty’s commitment to promoting the internationalisation of learning and teaching.

GLOSS will provide students with unique opportunities to understand their courses in an international context, actively engage with international policy makers, stakeholders and partners and be involved in international research undertaken within the Faculty.

Our Global Leadership Initiative offers an exciting opportunity for high achieving students from the Faculty to attend major international summits taking place this year. Accompanied by academic staff, small groups of approximately 8 students will actively engage in these meetings, developing policy briefs and blogs on the topics under discussion at the summit or conference they attend. Depending on the summit, activities can include engaging with local and international media, conducting interviews, producing short videos and collaborating with the host organisation.

This is an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience of international policy debates at the highest level, to attend press conferences and produce outputs visible to an international audience thereby enhancing their research skills and employability.

Students can also participate in the GLOSS Research Associates Scheme which enables undergraduate students to work in collaboration with an academic staff member on an international research project during the summer.

Students can also engage in SIDshare, a student-run social enterprise where they work on international development projects in partnership with NGOs.

For more information, see GLOSS.


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